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Work Zone Opposing Traffic Lane Divider

Opposing traffic lane dividers increase the safety of work zones where traffic flow changes may become confusing for motorists. They are used at centerlines to create a highly visible, informative lane division and direct opposing traffic on two-lane, two-way operations. They are often used in conjunction with vertical panels and tubular markers.


  • Provides high target value and stays in place when impacted
  • Constructed of durable, flexible plastic that is resistant to UV light, ozone, and hydrocarbons
  • Fully impactable- reactive spring unit rebounds panel to its original, upright, forward-facing position when struck
  • Category 1 Self Certified
  • Federal Acceptance: WZ-2A


  • Directional Panel: Opposing Lane Indication - Two-Way Traffic
  • Dimensions: 12" x 36"
  • Post: 27" Orange post with cap - 2.375" diameter
  • Material: Flexible polyethylene plastic
  • Reflective Sheeting: 12” x 18” Type IV, Type VIII, Blank Ink
  • Spring Type: Fixed, Quick Release
  • Compatibility: One Base Portable®, Surface Mount (Fixed), Surface Mount (Quick Release)