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Surface Mount Quarter Turn Base

Our surface mount base is specifically designed for the OmegaPost high-speed delineator. It offers greater post retention along with the quick post replacement times you’ve come to expect from us. This lightweight design features a wider hole pattern for better anchor grip and works with standard highway grade epoxy.


  • Reduced hardware (no screws or plates) means there are no corrosion problems
  • Installation and replacement is fast and easy
  • Available with optional reflectors to increase visibility


  • Socket Type: Quarter Turn
  • Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1"
  • Hardware: Galvanized L-Key
  • Color: Black, white, yellow (integral color)
  • Reflectors: White, Yellow, Red (on white plastic)
  • Installation: Four anchors (standard installation), epoxy
  • Compatibility: OmegaPost Delineators

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