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Aarschot Welcomes New European Sales Director

{filedir 6}New Team Member Irina Nutten - Aarschot Welcomes New European Sales Director

We are excited to announce that Irina Nutten has joined Impact Recovery Systems, Inc.® as the European sales director. Irina is a motivated, accomplished business and management director with more than 20 years of experience in European industrial markets. She has worked with companies based in the EU and the UK, such as James Walker Townson Ltd and FAFNIR GmbH. Irina obtained her master’s degree in International Business and Management from ISCID in Dunkirk, France. 

With a strong background in sales and business development, management, and strategic planning, Irina has successfully managed different teams by bringing forward fresh ideas that leverage new technologies and strategies. She has achieved remarkable business and area sales growth through her strategies. Irina is also skilled in multilingual communication, speaking English, French, Russian, and some Dutch and German.

Irina comments, “I’m excited to work for Impact Recovery Systems® for several reasons. I’m genuinely impressed by the company’s products, culture, and team members. The products are exceptional in terms of quality, and the company’s culture is a great fit with my ideal work environment.”

Irina’s expansive background and experience with be a great asset to Impact Recovery Systems® as we position ourselves to grow our European market.