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Celebrate Fiesta with Us

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Our Inaugural Fiesta Medal

In honor of Fiesta, Impact Recovery Systems® held their own Fiesta celebration with the unveiling of their first ever Fiesta medal. Along with the staff receiving the inaugural medal, Impact Recovery Systems sent out medals to valued customers as a token of appreciation. Every year, since 1891 the City of San Antonio has held a celebration called Fiesta. Impact Recovery Systems has been a member of the San Antonio community since 1991 and is proud to officially become part of the Fiesta tradition. Learn more about Fiesta and share this tradition with Impact Recovery Systems. 

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(Photo Credit: Betsy Newman Photography)

What is Fiesta?

The annual April event began as a single parade to honor the memory of the heroes who fought at the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.  Fiesta has transformed into a 10-day event that is now considered one of the largest celebrations in the country.  The celebration offers more than 100 events that feature music, food, sports, pageantry, patriotic observances, exhibits, parades, fundraisers, and souvenir medals.

The tradition of collecting Fiesta medals began in 1946 when commemorative coins were handed out to local children during the annual parade.  Over the years, coin-tossing became a tradition and the coins transitioned into medals.  The tradition of collecting medals has built momentum and is now considered the standard for national and local businesses to participate in the festivities by creating their own Fiesta medal.  

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Share with Us

If you received one of the inaugural medals join in on the fun and tag Impact Recovery Systems using #ImpactFiesta. Impact Recovery Systems would love to see you wearing one of their medals.