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6″ Rebounding Steel Bollard

Our revolutionary impactable steel pipe bollards do more than just block access. During a collision, the energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer in the base of the bollard. The post tilts slightly with impact and then returns upright, leaving the guard intact and ready to perform again.

Our SlowStop® rebounding steel bollards are successfully used in commercial locations, industrial environments, and logistic sites. Their strength rivals that of traditional embedded bollards with lower costs and less hassle. Our bollards are surface mounted in approximately 15 minutes and are immediately ready for use once installed.

Each kit comes with everything needed to install a single rebounding bollard. Ideal for heavy applications such as delivery trucks, heavy forklifts, and even semi-trucks. Great for loading docks and entrance ramps. Hardware and anchors included.


  • Color: RAL 1023 Yellow Pipe on RAL 9005 Black Pedestal
  • Diameter: 6.63” (6” ANSI Schedule 40)
  • Product Weight: 161 lb.
  • Product Height: 42” overall
  • Impact Rating: I12-7 (26,700 joules)
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F - 150°F
  • Pipe Coating: 60 μm Galvanized + 150 μm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating
  • Cast-Iron Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-based E-Coat + Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating
  • Set Screws: Eight (8) M16
  • Anchor Screws: Eight (8) 5/8” x 5-1/2” Concrete
  • Cap: Metal, RAL 1023 Yellow

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