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Plastic Sign Post

The Plastic Sign Posts are perfect for high traffic parking lot locations and are especially useful valet areas and parking garages. Much more durable than steel posts, these signs are designed to withstand bumper hits and return to their original position, without damaging the sign or vehicle. Hang aluminum or plastic information signs on the posts to communicate parking lot directions and rules. Also useful for specialty plastic signs in street areas as the post is category 1 self-certified crashworthy.

For taller sign needs such as ADA and MUTCD compliant posts, we recommend our Sta-Rite line of spring-loaded aluminum posts.

Available with handicap reserved placards or no placard ready for your custom signage.


  • Bases: Quick Release Base, Fixed Surface Mount Base, or Drivable Base
  • Height Options: 48," 60," 66"
  • Sign Plate Message: Reserved Parking (Standard) or Reserved Parking Van Accessible
  • Post: White HDPE