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OmegaPost High Speed Delineator

OmegaPost High Speed Delineator

High Speed, High Performance Delineator Post

Introducing the OmegaPost from Impact Recovery Systems.  Made of a high performance engineered plastic, the OmegaPost may be the last post you ever need.  An industry first, the OmegaPost was NTPEP manage lane tested to 200 bumper and 200 wheel impacts in September, 2019.  Standard with round open top.  Also available delineator style (3” x 12 ” long squeeze) or with a color matching cap welded to the post.

  • Proven capable of 200+ impacts at 70 mph (110 kph)
  • No fasteners to corrode
  • Simple installation and replacement
  • Durable, high speed performance
  • Heavy load crush tolerant
  • Type V Super High Intensity abrasion resistant sheeting
  • Un-matched value high speed delineator
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Patents pending
  • EN12899-3 Certified Upon Request


Inserts into any Impact Traffic Quarter Turn base, including Surface Mount, Tuff Curb XLP, and One Base Portable.

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Specification Sheet

Bases:Surface Mount Quarter Turn Base

Post Colors:White, Yellow, Orange, Black

Height:28", 36", 42"

Post Top:Open, Long Squeeze, Welded Cap

Reflective Sheeting:White, Yellow, Red, Orange Blue, Green

Diameter:2.375" (60mm)



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