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Impact Recovery Celebrates National Supply Chain Day

In honor of National Supply Chain Day, Impact Recovery wanted to give a special shout out to Production and Purchasing Manager Barbara Cheatham. Barbara oversees everything from assembly to the shipping process out in the warehouse. With almost 20 years at Impact Recovery, we asked Barbara to share a few things for National Supply Chain Day.

The supply chain process has evolved immensely since Barbara first started working at Impact Recovery. According to Barbara, when she first started working at the company, they didn’t have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to organize the flow of operations in the warehouse. This system allows employees to easily organize reports, schedules, and orders. While the addition has also proven to be efficient for keeping track of inventory, Barbara finds it important to not completely rely on computers and verify with physical count.

Barbara implemented daily production meetings and reports from the ERP system which are used to cross-check against inventory. While working closely with the warehouse management team to ensure that all individuals are playing their part to allow the supply chain to run smoothly.  

With the increase of delivery services such as Amazon Prime, it can be difficult for smaller companies to compete. However, Impact Recovery “strives very hard to get their customer everything they need on time.” Using daily schedules and strict timelines, Impact Recovery is dedicated to getting customers’ orders out on time. Cost is important as well, “always getting the cheap part is not the best route and we know that.” Impact Recovery is dedicated to delivering reliable products.

Impact Recovery just expanded its’ facility by building a third warehouse, so Barbara is excited about the future growth that will be bringing into the supply chain, “we’re striving to be bigger and broader.”

Impact Recovery wants to thank Barbara and her employees for all their hard work and for being part of Impact Recovery’s supply chain.